• the offered service allows the client to minimize the risk related to the search for and employment of IT employees
  • we assume formal obligations related to the employment of specialists, their development and further training
  • we support clients in the field of software management, analysis, testing, automation, development and maintenance
  • we support clients in quickly launching critical projects that require the use of unique technologies

Modern business is largely based on new technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to run and maintain IT projects, such as the creation, development and maintenance of applications. However, the company's IT team does not always have sufficient competence to deal with the implementation of tasks on its own or does not have sufficient knowledge necessary to conduct these activities at a sufficiently high level, and therefore in such cases managers seek external support. HR Bank Sp. z o. o. is focused on supporting the IT industry and offers a solution to the above problems through the body leasing service. It consists in hiring IT specialists with various competences for a specified period of time. This allows you to quickly start working on the project and reduce its costs. By opting for employee leasing, the company can quickly expand its team with competent and experienced people with knowledge of the technologies needed for given projects.

We recruit and provide employees for the following IT specializations as well as support clients in the field of dedicated profiles.
IT Manager Analyst and Tester Architect System's engineer Programmer
IT Manager System Analyst Enterprise Architect System Administrator Software Developer
IT Coordinator Business Analyst Solution Architect App. Administrator Software Engineer
Scrum Master Application Analyst Cloud Solution DB Administrator Data Visualization
Project Coordinator IT Service Consultant Corporate Architect Network Engineer ETL developer
Program Manager Cyber Security Analyst Software Architect CS Technician System Integrator
Product Owner Quality As. Engineer System Architect DevOps Engineer Software Engineer
Business Development Performance Tester BI Architect IT Service Consultant Web UX Designer
Business Consultant Automation Tester Database Architect ITC Specialist Web Developer
Service Manager Functional Tester Infrastructure Architect IT Process Auditor IOS Developer
Operational Manager Quality Assurance Cyber Security Security Engineer Android Developer

As a recruitment company, we successfully recruit in various technological areas. We support companies that are looking for specialists to implement projects in the latest technologies, but we also help in finding experts who know outdated technologies.

Integration technologies

Development tools

Big data ETL & storage

Operational leads

Cloud solutions

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