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"True wealth is not how much your work will earn you, but who it will make you." - (Pino Pellegrino)


IT Recruitment

Understanding and adapting to the needs of our clients, with many years of experience, and thorough knowledge of the labor market thats allow us to successfully implement projects using the Direct Search method. We know how to get candidates interested in job offers, and we advise on recruitment strategies, tools and methods. The prime goal for HR Bank is to support everyone who is looking for a new, better job. We effectively connect the employer with the new employee and try to be a bridge between dreams and their fulfillment. We are proven partners supporting IT services in the process of selecting and matching the best candidates for you and your organization on a permanent placement basis.

IT Outsourcing

Do you need to find the missing specific competencies in your teams in a short time? Does your company lack specialized specialists for projects? Are you planning to speed up the production process or support it with resources at a key moment by increasing your production capacity? With the help of HR Bank which specializes in the recruitment of IT specialists, we will help you with selecting people based on the familiar profiles of our clients and customers. The specialists recommended by us are tailored to specific company requirements. We are the perfect solution to support your talent acquisition process, following its basic assumptions and without having to expand your structure.

IT Team Leasing

Have you received a project challenge that requires your organization to involve many people with various levels of competence and experience? There are no specialists in the organization to launch a new project? The team that was planned for a new project has been reassigned to the current client? Use the help of HR Bank - thanks to the Team Leasing service, you can acquire a team of specialists and at the same time focus on developing your own core business. The delivered team can be controlled by you or by a Team Leader selected and approved in your organization, who will plan, assign, supervise and account for the tasks of team members in accordance with business and project expectations.


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Our regular processes

recruitment and verification

Analysis of HR Bank's database in terms of searched profiles, review of people available to the company based on separate partnership agreements, launching internal Direct Search processes, review of candidates currently available, and participation in verification processes.
Establishing contact with candidates: selected from our own database, received from the recommendations of employees already employed in the company or its partners, reported in Referral program in accordance with its regulations and from its own recruitment carried out using the Direct Search method.
The first interview aimed at: getting to know the candidate's expectations, initially verifying his experience presented in the CV, both business and technical, getting to know the candidate's own development strategy, analysis of current recruitment projects in order to match the candidate to the appropriate procedures.
Arranging the candidate with the substantive, technical or responsible for the selection and selection of project team members in order to familiarize the candidate with the specifics of the project, the methodology of its conduct, requirements set by managers and the scope of tasks to be performed.
Presentation of feedback to the candidate after internal verification of HR Bank sp z o.o. and client. Receive feedback from the candidate. Clarification of bilateral expectations: terms of cooperation, expectations, conclusion of relevant agreements and determination of the dates for starting cooperation.
Our additional processes

supporting candidates

One of the most reliable and accurate methods of assessing professional predispositions, characterized by a comprehensive approach to the selection process, personnel evaluation and creation of professional development paths - See more...
Want to change your job? Thinking about a new career path? Want to get promoted? Are you at a dead end and don't know what to do with it all? Need support while setting new professional and personal priorities? - See more...
We help candidates discover their natural potential, talents and predispositions. We support people and teams in making optimal and fruitful decisions - See more...

The HR BANK employee referral program is a good recommendation system that efficiently connects companies and candidates. Learn more...

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